Job Board - Advertisement Form

Job Board Advertisement Form

The Job Board provides a targeted, economical, and time-responsive service connecting water quality professionals with current employment opportunities.  The Job Board is distributed to members by email on the first business day of each month; employment positions or resumes are typically posted online for public viewing within 72 hours after payment is received.  Persons searching for a new career and employers seeking qualified candidates are encouraged to participate in this service. 
Ads need be submitted along with payment by check or credit card to the PWEA office by the 25th of the month in order for the ad to be issued in the following month’s Job Board distribution.  Prices indicated are per ad and are for a one-time distribution and posting of your organization’s ad.  Your ad in text format should be emailed to pwea@pwea.orgAds to sell personal property will not be accepted.  Ads are restricted to non-commercial purposes.   The Pennsylvania Water Environment Association reserves the right to reject ads it deems unsuitable.