Arthur Sydney Bedell Award


The Bedell Award was established to acknowledge extraordinary personal service to aWEF Member Association. The award is named for Arthur Sidney Bedell, WEF's second president for his long devotion and service to the New York Sewage and Industrial Wastes Association, now the New York Water Environment Association. He was Chief of the Bureau of Sewage and Waste Disposal of the New York State Department of Health. The award is presented by a WEF representative at the WEFMember Association Annual Meeting.

Award Criteria

Nominee must have demonstrated organizational leadership, administrative service, membership activity, and stimulation of technical functions or similar participation. The size of the membership dictates the frequency with which Member Associations are eligible to make nominations for the award. Traditionally, this is given as a PWEA past president award.


Individual must be a member of the WEF.

Nomination Process

Final selection is submitted to WEF by the PWEA Awards Committee.