Certification Exam Registration & Info

Important Information for Operators Planning to Take Certification Exams  
(Provided by PA DEP; please open and read)

2019 Operator Certification Exams Offered by PWEA  

PWEA has no exams with available seats for the remainder of 2019.   Check back in late December / early January for our 2020 schedule of exams.

The entire 2019 schedule of certification exams can be viewed on the DEP website.

View the Operator Code of Ethics - Adopted by PWEA December 2015

Certification Exam Information

Visit DEP's Operator Certification Information Center for all information related to becoming a certified operator for a drinking water or wastewater treatment facility.  For DEP's Certification Exam Study material, click here or contact the Operator Training staff at 717-787-0122.  Email the DEP if you have questions related to becoming certified or call the DEP at 717-787-5236.


Study Programs, Associates Degree and Community College Certificate Programs

Sacramento Home Study Program

Offers training materials and manuals.
Visit our website
Contact us by email

Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology

Water Management Technology - Associate Degree
750 E King Street
Lancaster, PA 17602

For information on Associates Degree Program, email: Katie Surra 
Thaddeous Stevens College of Technology Website 
Thaddeous Stevens College of Technology Facebook Page

Water Management Technology Brochure
Water Management Technology Model Schedule

Harrisburg Area Community College

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
HACC Harrisburg Campus
Contact Rusty Brink at 717-221-1338
Email Rusty Brink at
Manufacturing Coordinator
Workforce Development and Continuing Education Division

HACC WWTP Program Flyer
HACC WWTP Program Schedule


~ ~ ~ ~ Additional Information for Operators to Read ~ ~ ~ ~

Operator Certification Process At a Glance (PDF)
Courtesy of the PA DEP

Important Information for Operators Registering to Take Exams (PDF)
Courtesy of the PA DEP

Operator Certification - Program Handbook (PDF)
Courtesy of the PA DEP

EarthWise Operator Announcement - Required Security Course (PDF)
Courtesy of the PA DEP

Training Advice for Wastewater Certification (PDF)
Courtesy of the PA DEP

Training Advice for Water Certification (PDF)
Courtesy of the PA DEP

PA Wastewater Operator Demographics by Age & Years of Education, 4-2018 (PDF)
Courtesy of the PA DEP

Operator Certification Program, Survey Results, 10-2-15 (PDF)

Certification Program External Review, 5-28-15 (PDF)

Operator Certification Program 5-Year Review Report 2011-2015 (PDF)

Visit the PA DEP Operator Information Center webpages.

Email the PA DEP if you have questions related to becoming certified or what to study for the certification exam. Or, call the PaDEP at 717.787.5236.