WEF Operator Ingenuity Contest


Operator Ingenuity Contest.

Not all innovations come not from a research lab. Sometimes, you need to tackle a persistent problem using just what’s at hand and a big shot ingenuity.

The competition features clever ideas related to:

  • treatment processes

  • maintenance practice

  • safety measures

  • collection systems

  • laboratory practices

  • stormwater

  • administration

  • human resources

  • anything else associated with the water sector

Questions?  Email innovation@wef.org

2017 Ingenuity Contest Winners

  • Jason Patty – El Dorado Wetlands and Water Reclamation Facility
  • Travis Fisher – Ojai Valley Sanitary District
  • Tony Hale – Cottonwood Improvement District
  • Matt Seib and Zenon Kochan – Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District, Nine Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Mark Cataldo – Suez, Killingly Water Pollution Control Plant
  • Andy Loudermilk – Somers Water and Sewer
  • Kevin Barry, Jeff Leonard, and Jim Wilson (presented by David Dedian) – Woodard & Curran, Pinehills Wastewater Treatment Facility