Operator Ingenuity Award

Description:  This award recognizes work being done by operators in Pennsylvania that is creative, innovative, or that simply makes the job easier. If you know of such work, be it a unique pump repair, evaluation of chemical dosing, analytical/process testing techniques, cost-saving treatment improvements, or other item that enhances the field of wastewater treatment operations, please share that experience and expertise with the PWEA membership so that we may all benefit.  This award is presented by the Professional Operator Committee.
Award Criteria:  The award winner will be selected based on the innovation of the described work, the clarity of the nomination in describing the work, and the perceived impact to the field of the innovation.
Eligibility:  The recipient should be an operator who has developed and implemented an innovative idea at a treatment plant, collection system, or agency, which is beneficial to wastewater treatment in Pennsylvania.  There is no requirement that the recipient be a PWEA member, however preference will be given to individuals who are members of PWEA.  Nomination of large groups or teams is discouraged.
Nomination Process:    The Professional Operator Committee is responsible for submitting a nomination for the Operator Ingenuity Award to the Awards Committee; the Awards Committee is responsible for making final selection of award recipient.