Ted Moses High Hat Award


The High Hat Award is given by the PWEA in honor of Ted Moses, the first Secretary of the Association. This is a service award given to members who have distinguished themselves while working to promote the Association and its programs. The original High Hat, purchased in a Philadelphia pawnshop in 1935, is the Association's most prized and priceless possession. The names of past recipients are lettered upon the hat, and the annual ceremony accompanying the presentation of this award has become a tradition at the PWEA Annual Awards Banquet. Because the original high hat had no additional space for award recipient's names, Ned and Marti Sams purchased another high hat. The Sams' have graciously donated this second hat to the Association so that the names of future award recipients will also appear on a High Hat.

Award Criteria

Recipients should be a current PWEA member in good standing who have distinguished themselves through the promotion of the Association and its programs. Typically, 4 (four) High Hats are awarded. One from each of the three Sections and one At-Large. A WEF Representative attending the Awards Banquet should generally also be awarded as the Awards Committee deems appropriate.


Section nominees must be members of one of the three Sections. The Awards Committee will make final selection of other individuals who may not be Section orPWEA members.

Nomination Process

The Section Awards Committees are responsible for submitting two nominations to the PWEA Awards Committee; one for the Section Award and one for the At-Large Award.