WEF Operator Ingenuity Contest


Brag about your best fixes. WEFTEC 2017 will host the sixth annual Operator Ingenuity Contest.

Not all innovations come not from a research lab. Sometimes, you need to tackle a persistent problem using just what’s at hand and a big shot ingenuity.

The competition will feature clever ideas related to

  • treatment processes

  • maintenance practice

  • safety measures

  • collection systems

  • laboratory practices

  • stormwater

  • administration

  • human resources

  • anything else associated with the water sector

Submissions are no longer being accepted for 2017.

2016 Ingenuity Contest Winners

James Spielvogel - Borough of Ellwood City Wastewater Treatment Plant (Pennsylvania)
Aaron Dressel, Chris Wize, Kelly Wolfe and Dan Danhauer - York, Nebraska
Cheryl Read - King County Wastewater Treatment Division (Washington)
Brandon Pfecki, Yeoanny Venetsanos, Annie Short, Ben Slater, Ani Guha, Maureen Knight, Imna Houck, Terry Due Jr, Karen Hogan, Andrew Cockram and Tracey Beaver - Prince William Count Service Authority (Virginia)
Gregory Williams - Good Harbour Laboratories (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)
Walton Summers II - Jacksonville Wastewater Utility (Arkansas)