Golden Manhole Society Award


The PWEA Golden Manhole Society Award was established by the PWEA Collection System Committee to acknowledge extraordinary personal service to the Association while working to promote wastewater collection system understanding, operation and maintenance, training and continuing education. The award will be presented to an individual for contributions to the advancement of the state of the art of wastewater collection. The annual honoree(s) will be presented with the coveted PWEA Golden Manhole Society lapel pin at the PWEA Annual Awards Banquet.

Award Criteria

Recipient should be a current member in good standing who has distinguished themselves through their efforts, contributions, and promotion of the Association and its programs, relative to wastewater collection systems. Individual should also have outstanding efforts in the area of wastewater collection system evaluation and rehabilitation.


The individual recipient must be a current member in good standing of PWEA.

Nomination Process

Nominations (including contact information and pertinent accomplishments) should be forwarded to the PWEA Collection System Committee for evaluation. The Collection Systems Committee submits a nomination for the Golden Manhole Society Award to the Awards Committee; the Awards Committee is responsible for making final selection of award recipient.